Research Areas

Image alignment/Tracking

Image alignment

We work in tracking with direct methods. We have developed "Jacobian Factorisation" algoritms for 3D and 2D tracking. Lately we have revisited the "Inverse Compositional Approach" and we have explained when and why it would work.

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Segmentation of brain structures


We have worked in brain structures segmentation (synapse, mythocondria, etc.). We have developed a number of technicques ranging from curve evolution (Morphological Snakes) to ...

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Attributes estimation


We have worked in facial attributes estimation: gender, age and expressions. Our aim has been getting simple and fast algorithms in order to have practical systems.

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Machine learning algorithms

Machine Learning

As any other Computer Vision research group we work with Machine Learning to solve classification problems. Lately we have been working in Multiclass Boosting techniques in order to fill some missing tools in this area.

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Segmentation of brain structures


We work (or have worked) for some spanish companies in subjects like: face attributes estimation (gender and age), OCR over official id documents, planar objects localisation with highly repetitive structures (buildings), object tracking, etc.

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Active Projects

Past Projects