The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid is the university in which I develop my research and teaching activities. The lectures and seminars are given in the School of Computer Science (three years long degree) and Faculty of Computer Science (five years long, master and doctorate degrees). Therefore, I am belonged to two departments: Applied Intelligent Systems (School) and Artificial Intelligence (Faculty).

Computational Cognitive Robotics, my research group. Our main research interest are in the areas of Robotics and Computer Vision. Our work has been applied to vehicle detection and tracking, automated car parking, autonomous and unconventional robots. Currently we are developing fundamental and applied research work on symbolic and language-like communication in robot teams.

Computers and Software

The vi Lovers Home Page offers material related to vi, the editor. It includes documentation, macros, binaries for different platforms, links to other web pages, and some jokes.

The Computer Language Benchmark Game compares the performance of aproximately 30 programming languages. Which programming languages are fastest?

The ACM Hello World Page collects examples of Hello World programs written in different computer languages from the prehistoric to the modern age.

The TIOBE Programming Community Index gives an indication of the popularity of programming languages. There are very interesting info there. For example, Lisp is more popular than Ada, and Forth is in the top 40. Basic is in the top 5 since 1985!

This page contains several useful information on Reinforcement Learning with scientific papers and some code written in Python and Matlab available for downloading.


The Rethinking the Design of Presentation Slides document includes interesting comments on how a presentation must be prepared to improve the readability and the understandability.

These pages are been tracked by StatCounter, an easy way to analyse and monitor the visitors in real-time. I used to code my own tools some years ago but currently I use this one. It is fast, free and reliable.

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