Autonomous Robots. We review the latest approaches for developing software for robots. After a brief introduction to classical and behavior-based architectures, we study several hybrid techniques for autonomous robot programming.

Computer Vision. Introductory course on computer vision and image processing. The course deals with design of computer vision systems for solving real world problems. Several preprocessing, segmentation and recognition methods are studied.

Robotics. Introductory course on robot manipulators and autonomous robots. The kinematics of robot manipulators is studied. Also the basic mechanical and eletronic components and some alternatives for programming of mobile robots are reviewed.

Current Research

McRobs: Modular and Cooperative Robotic Systems. This project has as its direct objective the development of a basic architecture and the design of the structure (including kinematics and dynamics) and control systems of a system of modular and cooperative robots, as well as the analysis of mechanisms for monitoring, navigation and coordination of the system.

Recent Publications

J. de Lope, D. Maravall, Y. Quiñonez (2012) Decentralized multi-tasks distribution in heterogeneous robot teams by means of ant colony optimization and learning automata. Hybrid Artificial Intelligent Systems, LNCS 7208. E. Corchado et al. (Eds.) Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 103-114. [DOI, SpringerLink]

D. Maravall, J. de Lope, R. Domínguez (2012) Self-emergence of a common lexicon by evolution in teams of autonomous agents. Neurocomputing, 75(1):106-114. [DOI]

J. de Lope, D. Maravall (2011) A novel linear cellular automata-based data clustering algorithm. Foundations on Natural and Artificial Computation, LNCS 6686. J.M. Ferrández et al. (Eds.) Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 70-79 [DOI, SpringerLink]

D. Maravall, J. de Lope (2011) Fusion of learning automata theory and granular inference systems: ANLAGIS. Applications to pattern recognition and machine learning. Neurocomputing, 74(8):1237-1242. [DOI]

R.J. Duro, M. Graña, J. de Lope (2010) On the potential contributions of hybrid intelligent approaches to Multicomponent Robotic System development. Information Sciences, 180(14):2635-2648. [DOI]

D. Maravall, J. de Lope, J.A. Martin (2009) Hybridizing evolutionary computation and reinforcement learning for the design of almost universal controllers for autonomous robots. Neurocomputing, 72(4-6):887-894. [DOI]

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