Seminario de profesor visitante MUIA: Integrating Semantic Web in the Real World: A journey between two cities. A Tutorial

El día 5 de Julio de 17:00 a 19:00 horas se celebrará en el hemiciclo H-1002 un seminario impartido por el profesor visitante Juan F. Sequeda, cuyo título es: Integrating Semantic Web in the Real World: A journey between two cities. A Tutorial

Abstract: An early vision in Computer Science has been to create intelligent systems capable of reasoning on large amounts of data. Today, this vision can be delivered by integrating Relational Databases with the Semantic Web using the W3C standards: a graph data model (RDF), ontology language (OWL), mapping language (R2RML) and query language (SPARQL). The research community has successfully been showing how intelligent systems can be created with Semantic Web technologies, dubbed now as Knowledge Graphs.

However, where is the mainstream industry adoption? What are the barriers to adoption? Are these engineering and social barriers or are they open scientific problems that need to be addressed? This talk will chronicle our journey of deploying Semantic Web technologies with real world users to address Business Intelligence and Data Integration needs, describe technical and social obstacles that are present in large organizations, and scientific and engineering challenges that require attention. Additionally, the talk will introduce the methodology used to to design ontologies and mappings for real world large scale database schemas.