Charla "Software Transactional Objects & Multicore Programming"

El lunes 11 a las 10:30 la profesora Barbara Liskov (A.M. Turing Award recipient and MIT Institute Professor) impartirá la conferencia "Software Transactional Objects & Multicore Programming" en el Salón de Actos de la Escuela.
Multicore computers provide large numbers of processors that all share main memory. Applications running on such computers need to use parallelism to achieve good performance, and this is difficult for applications such as databases where synchronization is needed to control concurrent access to shared data. The talk describes two projects that show how to do this. The first is a new in-memory database system called Silo that provides very high performance by being careful about cache management and concurrency control.  The second is a new transaction support system called STO, which builds on the ideas from Silo to enable other transactional applications to achieve good performance through the use of transaction-aware data types.