Seminario profesor visitante: Building industrial AI

El seminario de profesor visitante "Building industrial AI" se celebrará el miércoles 23 de Mayo de 16:00 a 19:00 horas. El seminario será impartido por Mike Dillinger, Manager of Taxonomies and Human Judgement,  LinkedIn / Microsoft - Silicon Valley (CA-USA)

Resumen del seminario:

Artificial intelligence is built very differently in industry and in research labs. The goals are different, the personnel are different, the data is different, the techniques are different, the infrastructure is different, the evaluation is different.  The problems that we face in industry are very different and solutions that work in the laboratory often do not work in industrial contexts. In this course, we will explore these differences and explain why they exist.


  1. Product planning: defining short-term goals that are relevant for business
  2. Data & Knowledge:  enabling intelligence
  3. Engineering: implementing memory and reasoning
  4. Users:  testing for relevance, testing for product success