Training complements

Training complements

The CAMIA will establish up to 30 ECTS corresponding to training complements for students whose degree is not in computer science but similar (see the recommended admission profile), to be studied through subjects of the Bachelor in Informatics Engineering (GII) or the Bachelor in Mathematics and informatics (GMI) taught at the ETSI Informáticos (UPM). It is aimed to ensure that these students can achieve the learning results established by EQANIE for a MSc in Computer Science level.


Training complements identification

Taking into account the subjects related with Computer Science in the Bachelor in Informatics Engineering, the following modules (basic or mandatory subject that do not require that any other subject of the degree has to be previously attended) have been identified as training complements:

  • Programming:
    • Programming I
    • Digital systems
    • Formal languages, automata and computability
  • Software engineering, Information systems and Intelligent systems
    • Data bases
    • Human-computer interaction
  • Computer engineering
    • Computer structure 
    • Data center design project 
  • Operating systems, distributed systems and networks
    • Computer networks
    • Information technologies process management


Assignment process of training complements

It has been considered advisable not to establish specific complements associated with each related degree, but to study each specific case (each student) in the assignment process. Students might be asked to provide additional information on the modules related to Computer Science they have studied in their degrees and the contents thereof. 

The maximum number of training complements to be assigned is 30 ECTS and correspond to modules corresponding to the four subjects. In the case that the students have acquired sufficient knowledge in the modules studied in their degree in any of that subjects, then they will not take training complements of that subject, reducing the number of training complements that they must take.

The CAMIA will appoint a commission for the allocation of training complements, formed by professors of the MSc in AI, which will be in charge of carrying out the study and identifying the number of training complements assigned and the modules to be studied.


Master's programming proposals for students with training complements