UPM - Accenture Technological Center "AI.NNOVATION SPACE"

MUIA promotes the students’ acquisition of innovation and entreperneuship skills through an active collabortion with the UPM-Accenture Technological Center in Artificial Intelligence "AI.nnovation Space". AI.nnovation Space is aimed at  creating a framework for promoting reseach, innovation and coworking for joint development and experimentation, in different domains with industrial applicability, that can be used to generate innovative solutions based on Artificial Intelligence techniques, and can be transferred to the market, comprising the following stages: ideas and prototypes’ attraction, incubation and maduration, product definition and implementation, spin-offs starting, transfer to the market and business acceleration.

AI.nnovation Space is specially interested in enhancing innovation and entrepreurnership in Artificial Intelligence through ideas contests, project competitions and technological challenges, carried out by UPM students and research groups, that can be executed in terms of innovation and empreneurship projects funded by Accenture, including collaboration grants and contracts which are compatible with the master final projects.