Support and guidance system for students admitted

The support and guidance system for students admitted to the MSc in Data Science consists of the following procedure:


Welcome Ceremony, where the aim is to add complementary information in addition to the information provided in the dissemination and guidance processes before registration. It also presents the guidance and mentoring process set forth below.


Guidance process. The Academic Board of the MSc in Data Science will assign a supervisor from the MSc’s teaching and research staff to each student for the entire period in which the student remains enrolled. The list of supervisors assigned to each enrolled student will be prepared once the registration process is closed, which will be available for consultation via the dissemination channels that the MSc organization has at their disposal.

The supervisor and the student will hold a preliminary meeting within 10 days after the beginning of the academic year in order to discuss and clarify issues related to academic guidance and management. At this meeting, the supervisor and the student will set deadlines for their regular meetings, during which the supervisor may answer the student's queries, advise on necessary matters, and support the student in conducting their academic activity. The student may also email their supervisor to discuss any ongoing queries, if necessary.

As such, the assigned supervisor shall advise the student on matters useful to them, so that when registering for the Master’s Final Project, they have a broad and adequate perspective on the academic approach to the project. The Internal Quality Assurance System (see Chapter 9) processes include a “Guidance Process” (PR/CL/2.1/004), which sets forth this section as an adaptation to the specific reality of the proposed curriculum. <top>

External Relations Office staff is responsible for administrative management of external relations within three areas:

  • Mobility Area: Relations with national and international universities to develop mobility and exchanges, geared toward students, teaching and non-teaching staff at our center.

  • Work Placements and Employment Area: Relations with national and international companies and institutions for trainee mobility and/or the development of employment opportunities, geared toward the students at our center, focused on facilitating their market labor transition.

  • Relations with Society Area: Relations with Society mainly geared toward informing prospective students, parents, schools, etc., as a promotional tool for our center.



 The UPM Language Center, from the International Relations Vice-Rectorate, offers a wide range of Language Courses.

Through this program, the UPM shows its interest in taking part in mobility programs within the European Union, as well as outside the EU. The Program is aimed at students, as well as teaching and non-teaching staff, depending on the courses.



E-mail Account with the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. The activation form will be made available on the university’s web server.