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Master's in Data Science Awards, academic year 2019/2020

The MSc in Data Science publicly announces the call for four grants covering the 2019/2020 academic year. This is aimed at students (up to a maximum of 4) who have begun their studies in the master’s program in Data Science. Grants are funded by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Ayudas a Máster oficiales).

The grant (600 Euros) requires that the student be a new full-time student in the MSc in Data Science, be of any nationality, and have passed the required subjects and obtained the highest qualifications (GPA of the 10 subjects).

The documentation required from the student to apply for the grant is:
        •        Photocopy of their Spanish National Identity card (DNI) or passport.
        •        Grant application form.
        •        Grade certificate (Politécnica Virtual) of the studies completed in the Master's program.
        •        Photocopy of the full-time registration payment letter for the Master’s course in Data Science.

The deadline for delivering this documents is July 10th, 2020. The Academic Board of the MSc will rule on whom to award the grants to from amongst the candidates.

Call for proposals - AI.NNOVATION SPACE

Call for proposals issued by the Technological Center AI.Innovation Space (located at this school). The deadline to send your proposals is February 23rd, 2020. The call is for projects based on student ideas to be implemented in approximately 6 months. The ideal team size is 4 members. For further information, please read the following documents:

Job offer for Computer Science Engineers

The Natural Language Processing (NLP) research group at UNED offers several full-time contracts for Computer Engineers.
The candidate will join the UNED's NLP research group to conduct research tasks and develop Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and NLP tools.
- A 2-year employment contract with the possibility of extension is offered.
- Knowledge of Java, C++ and Python will be valued.
- No previous experience is necessary.
- It will be valued to have a master in Computer science or to be finishing it 

- Possible related degrees as Telematics or Mathematics with knowledge in computer science.
- Incorporation in the first quarter of 2020.
More information at: http://libtel.lsi.uned.es/empleo
Contact: juaner@lsi.uned.es
Oferta de empleo para Ingenieros en Informática

El grupo de Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural (PLN) de la UNED ofrece varios contratos a tiempo completo para Ingenieros Informáticos.
El contratado se incorporará al grupo de investigación de PLN de la UNED, para realizar tareas de investigación y desarrollar herramientas de Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Inteligencia Artificial y PLN.
- Se ofrece contrato laboral por 2 años con posibilidad de ampliación.
- Se valorarán conocimientos de Java, C++ y Python.
- No es necesaria experiencia previa.
- Se valorará tener un máster en Informática o estar terminándolo.

- Posibles titulaciones afines como Telemática o Matemáticas con formación en informática.
- Incorporación en primer trimestre de 2020.
Más información en: http://libtel.lsi.uned.es/empleo
Contacto: juaner@lsi.uned.es

COIE - Center for information and job orientation, UPM.

OREX at the School of Computer Science. They can help you manage the internships offered on the platform above.

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