Selection and admission of students

The Academic Board (Comisión Académica) of the MSc in Data Science (CAMDS) is the board responsible for student admissions to the MSc in Data Science.

The ETS de Ingenieros Informáticos has an Internal Quality Assurance System, which was approved by ANECA on February 24th, 2009, where the Selection and Student Admission Process (PR/CL/1/002) can be found. Its objective is to define the selection and admission process of students who will conduct their studies in any of the first- and second-cycle degrees at the ETS de Ingenieros Informáticos.

With this, and according to RD 1393/2007 and the Normativa de Acceso y Matriculación (Access Rules and Registration) approved by the UPM Governing Council on March 26th, 2009, it is sought to establish a student selection and admission process to meet the requirement set forth by ANECA under the framework of AUDIT.

This process (adapted to the specific circumstances of the MSc) specifies, in terms of the aforementioned, the following elements:

  • For students whose degree is not in computer science, but in a similar field (Technical Engineering in Telecommunications, Higher Industrial Technical Engineering, Industrial Technical Engineering, BSc degree in Mathematics, Physics or any other computer major), CAMDS will establish the necessary bridge complements (up to 30 ECTS credits).

  • Because there is a limited supply of new vacancies in this MSc (40 for the 2019/20 academic year), depending on the number of pre-enrollments, CAMDS will determine the need to conduct a student selection process for admission.

Admission shall not imply, under any circumstances, any change to academic and, if applicable, professional effects, concerning the previous degree that the student holds.

CAMDS will notify the student of the decision by all available physical and digital methods. Once admitted to postgraduate studies and their proposal for registration has been reviewed, the students must formalize their registration at the Secretariat of the School of Computer Science. During the registration process, the student must provide the original version of the documents with the electronic preregistration attachment for validation. In the event that the degree provided by the student does not belong to a University in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), the student must include the Hague Convention Apostille.