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These are some of the products developed by members of the I&K Group:




Virtual scenario for air vehicles and surface radars during militar missions. Developed for EADS-CASA to evaluate alternative militar configurations for air vehicles.






MSB Summarizer

Knowledge based tool for intelligent surveillance of dynamic systems. It generates automatically summaries as multimedia reports about the behavior of the dynamic system.







Thematic web search engine for natural disasters for the Andean Community. It includes a knowledge-based model specialized in risk management tasks.








Knowledge system for the management of a public transport network. It applies several problem-solving methods for problem detection, prediction and recommendation






Knowledge system for emergency management in the domain of floods.  It includes a complex knowledge model with different problem-solving methods.






Knowledge system in the domain of road traffic control. It applies a problem-solving strategy called propose-and-revise to find consistent states of traffic control devices.






Knowledge acquisition tool that operates as a word processor. The tool can be operated by end-users that are not familiar with computer languages.






Software tool to develop knowledge systems. It uses a library of reusable building blocks to implement a system with different symbolic knowledge representations.






Hydrologic quantitative simulator of the behavior of river basins. Includes both atmospheric and terrestrial simulation of different physical phenomena.




Other products developed by members of the I&K Group:



An intelligent sales assistant for configurable products

It follows a hierarchical design planning approach to find appropriate configurations according to sales strategies. More information:    



Traffic Data Set

A traffic data set with road incidents for inductive machine learning (see example in the PhD Thesis of Federico Divina).




A multiagent knowledge system to help administrators in the management of a telecommunication network.



Fuzzy control for road tunnels

An automatic method for road tunnel control. It includes a solution based on  fuzzy control.



Intelligent music harmonization

An intelligent system to help in music harmonization. The goal of the system is to abstract melodies and propose additional voices following theory of harmony.















































































































Last update: 24 December 2007