Academic Commission

The composition and functions of the Academic Commission of the PhD Programme have been established in the PhD model of the Polytechnique University of Madrid that regulates PhD studies in the aforementioned University and that has been aproved by the Governing Board of the UPM in the meeting held on the 21st of December of 2011 (articles 4, 5 and 6).

The article 4 indicates that all the PhD Programmes need to have an academic commission chaired by the Programme Coordinator and composed by the professors of the UPM who take part in the aforementioned programme.

The article 6, related to the teaching staff involved, establishes:

  1. The professors that are considered part of a PhD programme of the UPM are:
    • All those professors of the UPM that are mentoring or that have mentored a Thesis in the PhD programme in the last 5 years.
    • PhD graduates linked to the PhD programme who are supervising a Thesis even though they are not professors in the UPM.
  2. Additionally, partners can be associated with the PhD programme in order to conduct activities in it other than supervising theses in the aforementioned programme. These partners will not be part of the Academic Commission of the PhD Programme.
  3. All the teaching staff of a PhD Programme must possess a doctorate degree, notwithstanding the possible collaboration in some specific activities of other people or professionals by virtue of their relevant qualification in the corresponding area of expertise. 

The functions of the Commission, established in the article 5, are the following ones:

  1. Acceptance of students in the Programme.
  2. Organization of activities of each programme in accordance with what is established by the Steering Committee of the Doctoral School, by the School and Faculty Boards or by the Centre's or Research Institute's Board.
  3. Implementation of all the assigned functions in the Regulations for the Elaboration and Evaluation of the PhD Theses according to the norms established by the Management Committee of the Doctoral School, by the School and Faculty Boards or by the Centre's or Research Institute's Board.

The arrangement of the Commission currently is as it follows:

President: Mr. Víctor Maojo García

Secretary: Mr. Emilio Serrano Fernández


  • Javier Bajo Pérez
  • Dolores Barrios Rolania 
  • Luis Baumela Molina
  • María Concepción Bielza Lozoya
  • Jesus Cardeñosa Lera
  • Óscar Corcho García
  • Javier de Lope Asiaín
  • Raúl García Castro
  • Miguel García Remesal
  • Asunción De María Gómez Pérez
  • Jacinto González Pachón
  • Manuel Hermenegildo Salinas
  • Josefa Zuleide Hernández Diego
  • Antonio    Jiménez Martín
  • Pedro María Larrañaga Mugica
  • Daniel Manrique Gamo
  • Víctor Manuel Maojo García
  • Darío Maravall Gomez-Allende
  • Alfonso Mateos Caballero
  • Martin Molina González
  • José Eugenio Naranjo Hernández
  • Andrei Paun
  • David Pérez Del Rey
  • María de los Santos Pérez Hernández
  • Víctor Rodríguez Doncel
  • Alfonso Vicente Rodriguez-Paton Aradas
  • Francisco Serradilla García
  • Emilio Serrano Fernández
  • María del Carmen Suárez de Figueroa Baonza