Aims, Competences, Abilities and Skills


The general aims of the PhD Programme in Artificial Intelligence are the ones included in the

following table:

These objectives focus on those students that acquire the competences, capacities and skills that are described below:


  • CB11 Systematic understanding of the field of study and good command of the research abilities and methods related to the aforementioned field.
  • CB12 Ability to develop, to design or to create, to put into practice and to adopt a substantive process of investigation or creation.
  • CB13 Ability to contribute to the expansion of the horizons of knowledge through an original investigation.
  • CB14 Ability to conduct a critical as well as an evaluative and synthetical analysis of new and complex ideas.
  • CB15 Ability to communicate with the academic and scientific community and with society in general about its areas of knowledge in the common methods and languages used in its international scientific community.
  • CB16 Ability to promote scientific, technological, social, artistic and cultural advances both in academic and professional contexts within a society based on knowledge.


  • CA01 To cope with contexts in which there is little specific information.
  • CA02 To find the key questions that have to be answered to solve a complex problem.
  • CA03 To design, to create, to develop and to undertake original and innovative projects in their areas of knowledge.
  • CA04 To work both as a group and independently in an international or multidisciplinary context.
  • CA05 To integrate knowledge, to face complexity and to make judgements with limited information.
  • CA06 To criticise or to defend solutions intellectually.



  • OC1 To understand funding mechanisms in research and technology transfer, as well as the existing legislation about data protection in the conducting of an investigation and about legal protection of results.